If you take care of your silver and gold plated brass very well, they will remain their beauty in years. 

Jewelry may be influenced from many factors and conditions in order to harm reduction you should clean your jewelry properly and stored in good condition.

How to Wear ?

  1. You need to protect your jewelry from chemicals, humidity, cold or heat, scratches and any extreme temperatures.
  2. It is important to remove when you bathe and shower and also especially in the sea you need to remove.
  3. You also need to avoid from direct use of perfume or applying any cream .

How to Store?

  1. The pieces of your jewelry has to be individually placed in a pouch to avoid being tangled.
  2. You need to keep your jewelry in a dark and dry place.


  1. Gemstones are quite fragile therefore you need to avoid them from any chemicals, cleaners and hot water.
  2. What we advice is, to clean your stones you can use a clean, soft damp cloth after wearing them.
  3. You need to avoid from using paper towels or tissue paper to clean your gemstones, they may cause scratches.


  1. You can use silver cleaner or soft cloth to clean your jewelry.
  2. Do not use paper towels or tissue paper to clean metal to avoid scratches.